100 KINDS of BEER!

In the bar at the restaurant Potobers there is one hundred kinds of beer to choose from. The soul behind Potobers is the chef Mattias Nordberg, who also is a member of Wisby beer Guild:

-I am interested in beer and have always dreamed of creating a bar where there’s a whole wall full of beer brands to choose from. Basic supply consists of the local beer from Gotlands Bryggeri, complemented by carefully selected brands from all over the world in limited editions. In the bar there is both affordable and good beers on tap and a little more bottled beers, ranging from darkest stout to a light lager.

– It should be fun for a beer lovers to get to Potobers. The ambition is to become one of Gotland’s most well-stocked beer halls and become an beer destination for anyone who is curious about new beers.


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