A Guldkaggen & Bruna Dörren Angel is a person or a company with the knowledge, resources and commitment that help or helped Guldkaggen and Bruna Dörren to become a better place.

Here are our Angels:

Österby Lumberyard in Visby has helped Guldkaggen with both old fine vintage wood and new structural timber products so we can build interiors, bars, outdoor furniture, etc at Guldkaggen. We thank Österby Lumberyard for their passion and deep wood knowledge. Thanks for everything George & Åsa! You are Guldkaggen-angels and we recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone we know.

Peter’s Archive in London is a vintage store with odd and exciting gadgets and furniture for all who appreciate genuine feeling. Peter has bestowed rusty plates, cabinets and old timber to Guldkaggen-exactly what we looked and searched so long after. Thanks Peter! You are an Angel.

Jocke Ahlqvist-our buddy and all-in-allo-Fixer. Thanks to you and all you put up on Guldkaggen! You are as of now and in the future a Guldkaggen-Angel!

Trade mark Office Spacerabbit in Stockholm gives Guldkaggen an identity: Logos, symbols, fonts, Web site, etc. Many thanks to Joan, Marit and Lars. You are a true Guldkaggen-Angels!

Super nice furnishings chain Granite supports Guldkaggen with 6 bikes, buckets, shovels and lots of his pads. Taaaaaaack!

Intersport Visby has contributed to Water play-the public beach in front of the Guldkaggen. Now there are volleyball, badminton, Rounders, football-Yes, how much sports gear any time to borrow at the Water play as soon as we opened (June 21). Kuuuuuul! Thanks Intersport-ni is a Guldkaggen-Angel.

The Playhouse, which is the best toy store in Visby, has helped us with a huge swimming pool that we think have a Foam party in. We also got buckets and shovels and rakes to the smallest. Thank You Playhouse. Little people love you. You are a Guldkaggen-Angel!

Charming Guest Holm outcrops help Guldkaggen with lots of cutlery to restaurant Potobers and beds to our staff. Thank you for your personal commitment and your contribution. You are a true Guldkaggen-Angel.