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Videos from preparation with Guldkaggen


13. Fun little movie about the difference between spring and summer.

12. Weekend of work at Guldkaggen. May 2015

11. We are building a sign – It took three months to build a billboard. Not record pace, but beautiful. 2014.

10. Double party at Guldkaggen – we are celebrating two of our friends birthday. June 2014.

10. Guldkaggen – a buddy story. All previous films combined in a video-8 min. 2013-2014.

9. Weekend of work on Guldkaggen. May 2014.

8. Guldkaggen-Angel: Jocke Ahlqvist
Jocke Ahlqvist is Mr. Super Handyman at Guldkaggen. He has set up and helped the families with everything from scraping the walls and paint for construction, electricity and water. Thanks Jocke. You are a true Angel! And that is why we you a Guldkaggen-Angel. April 2014.

7. Guldkaggen – Behind the facade. 13-minute summation of an intense week in which the families scrape, paint, knock,  and celebrate. April 2014.

6. Peter’s Archive in Burgsvik contributes with rusty delights to Guldkaggen. And becomes a Guldkaggen-Angel. April 2014.

5. We are building a bar: One Love. We lay floor, building wall and do a dance test. April 2014.

4. A Guldkaggen-Angel is born. Österby Lumberyard (Österby Brädgård) in Visby is sponsoring us with old and new wood to Guldkaggen. April 2014.

3: We gather to plan and PEP ourselves. March 2014.

2: trade mark Office Spacerabbit helps us to develop a visual identity for Guldkaggen with logos, fonts, website, etc. and is a genuine Guldkaggen-Angel. Feb 2014.

1: first working weekend at Guldkaggen in February 2014. Walls needs to be fixed, the kitchen needs to be upgraded and the House need love in General. No problemas. We fix.

0: the summer of 2013, we came up with the idea to start power Guldkaggen which include a restaurant, a bar, Cafe and water play. Here, we play football in a good friend night Hammering.