For those who want to use the sea for play and recreation, embark on adventure or just see our beautiful island from the water, we offer rental of SUP boards at Bruna Dörren.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) is a sturdier type of surfboard that you stand on and paddle. When renting SUP includes board, paddle, leash and life jacket.

Standard-SUP is a simpler board that is suitable for playing and touring, but also for surfing smaller waves. These have good buoyancy and are stable, if you have not tested before or just want a cozy stable ride, these are preferred. We have 3 standard SUP’s.

Hybrid-SUP is a slightly smaller and more unstable board. They are suitable for touring and surfing on small to medium waves. We have 2 hybrid-SUP’s.

  • Be sure to keep an eye on and safety distance to bathers. Applies especially to wavy conditions, because you can pick up good speed and move over larger areas.
  • There is a reef 100m straight outside from the beach at Bruna Dörren. The waves are often small, but the reef is hard and treacherously shallow.
  • In Ljugarn it usually blows offshore wind which increases as you get out a bit from the beach. If you notice that it’s blowing and you feel insecure so remember not to paddle too far out. It’s very easy in the tailwind but is hard to get back in the headwind.

You book and pickup the SUP boards at Kahuna Bar – 100 kr/hour.